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I personally think that the Aqua/Magma and Kyogre/Groudon polls should be separate threads. Anyway, I prefer Team Magma just because I always seem to prefer fire-related things over water, however I do prefer Kyogre over Groudon. I picked Sapphire originally, mainly because I liked Kyogre's design and it was one of my favorite legendaries for a long time. I used to think it could fly lmao. v_v Groudon is really cool too, just too big, bulky, and pointy for my tastes. As for Team Magma, I don't care enough about them to have a favorite leader and admin and such but I do like their grunt uniforms more than Aqua's. Though I will say both their grunt uniforms are better than Rocket's, Galactic's, and Plasma's (New and Old).

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