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This tutorial is for Pokémon Essentials. I use Version 7, but this should work on the most recent version as well.

Hello, everyone. Today I will be teaching you how to set up a one-time buy in RPG Maker XP using Pokémon Essentials. An example of a one-time buy or a scam is the Magikarp Salesman in the Mt. Moon Pokémon Center. He offers you a "great" Pokémon called Magikarp for 500 Poké, and then swindles you saying "no refunds!"
Anyway, these types of sales are different from PokéMarts and for some reason a little more complex to set up. Without further ado, I shall allow the tutorial begin.

Step 1 Commands you need to know

Before we actually get started, you need to know some nifty commands that Poccil and Maruno added to the kit. Poccil made it so that the "Change Gold" command works effectively and is directly linked to your money. Therefore, it is extremely easy to add or subtract from the Player's wallet.

Change Gold...
An Image might help:

Also added, the \G command in a text message will make a box pop up in the top-left corner displaying the Player's money.

The example picture at the beginning of the tutorial shows a direct example of how it looks in-game.

Step 2 Event Page 1

The entire process is set up into 2 pages, with only the first being somewhat cumbersome. I have the whole event page ready to be copied, and the buttons shouldn't be too hard to find.

Make sure you use a conditional branch and double check to make sure your Item ID is correct. "TMNAME" would not work and would result in error, but "TM07" would work just fine. Make sure you also include "Self Switch A = On"

Step 3 Event Page 2

Not much to say about this one. It's very easy, and should only include a single box of text, unless you plan on doing something fancy.

Alternate Method (provided by Maruno)

@>Text: \GHi!  Would you like a SlowpokeTail for only $200?
@>Show Choices: Yes, No
 : When [Yes]
  @>Comment: SellItem(SLOWPOKETAIL,200)
 : When [No]
  @>Text: \GOh, that's too bad.
 : Branch End


Simple, ja? It's pretty simple if you have some experience with the GUI of RMXP, so try it out for yourself! Feel free to comment if you have any questions. Sorry if this is the wrong section, feel free to move it. Thanks to Poccil and Maruno for command reference and Pokémon Essentials.
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