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Welcome you three. <3 Great to see ya here in this serene forest. :D

I see we have another Chikorita fan here! Kudos to ShinyUmbreon. :D I adore the Chikorita family as well! I know it's a bit underrated when used during game, but you can contain its adorableness! :D

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Paha, that's the exact same reason I love Sewaddle. xD It's so freaking cute in the anime! The way it playfully swings from tree to tree and the nuzzling thing it does to communicate and sdljgd so cute! It's impossible not to fall in love with it x] One thing I am curious about though; how could you not have seen Leavanny if you'd watched that episode? They were in the same episode and it says Leavanny evolves from Sewaddle xD But yeah I agree, that episode does a lot for Sewaddle's appeal and really turned it into a lovable Pokémon indeed <3
I wasn't fully aware of it until after my Swadloon evolved. I wasn't paying attention!
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