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Hello. I've been trying to use the $Trainer.shadowcaught[species] array but I just can't figure out how.

I want to make a Conditional branch where you fight a Trainer with a Shadow Pokémon and if you already caught the pokemon, be able to fight again against this trainer but without the Shadow Pokémon. Or even make a "Miror B" trainer like the Wiki page suggests but I don't know how to do this event either.

I tried it like this:

Conditional Branch > Script: $Trainer.shadowcaught[GEODUDE]
-Fight Trainer without Shadow Geodude
-Fight Trainer with Shadow Geodude

Or even like this:

Script: $Trainer.shadowcaught[GEODUDE]=true
Script: $Trainer.shadowcaught[074]
Script: $Trainer.shadowcaught[species]=GEODUDE

This should give you an idea of how lost I am.
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