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OOH~ OOH! CAN I JOIN? CAN I? I wanna be in this roleplay! Starting SU now!

... I mean... I miss your roleplays Swan.

Edit: I'm sorry I really couldn't help myself.

Name: Luca Keress, formerly known as Diana Lilliane Foster
Gender: Female Male
Age: 17


Luca's a jerk, at least for the most part. He can back up his bark, and believe me he can bark a lot. He's a constant glarer, daring people to come closer. Haughty and rough mannered, with less letters in his words than a stop sign, Luca prefers the solitude and violence of a monstrous brute. He will maintain this image as long as he can. He will interrupt others for fun and snicker when people fail. If he has to speak, he's the smartmouth. Quick-tempered to the point of there being no fuse, there is little to no nice bones in his body. And they're probably in his repeatedly broken fingers. Yes, Luca, you're evil and you love it.

Except... she doesn't.

This is just the role he has to play. He has to completely and utterly contradict who she is. Her life depends on it. Bury Diana. Bury the silly worthless little girl who wasn't meant to be. She cannot be kind and meek. Her purpose in life is to be Luca, no one else. That was what she was born for, what she was made for. Luca was a fool, a wild child with no hope and no purpose. She would make him have one. She would make him win.

But was this the right thing for him to do?

To battle is nothing to her. It's just another clashing of energy. Though Luca has a soft spot for the Pokemon he cares for, ultimately he wants results. And results mean struggling to him. Hard work is never the issue but others themselves are unnecessary. There is no need for friends, they would flee anyway. Even though Diana secretly wonders what having a normal friend would be like, it's best to squash this desire. In the world of competitive battling, no one is immune.

A master of disguise, even as Luca, she can easily become almost anyone else. It doesn't really bother her. After all when you're born not to be you, a new identity is easy to perform. Also a good judge of character for the most part she can read people like their wikipedia entries. He doesn't do it very often due to that bringing attention and... that's just difficult to deal with all right?


Dude, you're scary.

That is the first thing people think when they see Luca walking. Small but dangerous. Everything about him her is pointy. There are so few curves on this fella, preferring straight muscle, sharp body movements. He is catlike and light,good for gymnastics and kicking right where it hurts. Sometimes he even walks with a bit of a hunch, keep people guessing, curious, frightened by his permanent amber-yellow glare. But most of the time he is ramrod straight. You can change your attitude but not your habits I suppose. His hair is short and black, sticking up all over the place and running up and down his face and cheeks with hair gel. His hands have no real nails and there's an odd red scar running diagonally down his left cheek. Half the time at least one hand has a brass knuckle resting gently on it. Paranoid bugger knows little better I would guess.

Surprisingly this intimidating buddy-boy doesn't really dress like a punk. He dresses like a neat bro. Grey dress shirt with a tie thrown haphazardly over a shoulder, he intends to use it smack people in the face and run. His black over shirt is more like a gakuran, but looser and typically on his shoulder with invisible magic sticky tape. Luca even wears jeans and sneakers. He's trying to be normal, inconspicuous. He just looks dangerous. Fail man. Just fail.

Typically his expression is rather deadpan, distant and deep in thought. Don't try stealing from him while he's like that. His bag is special, at least according to him. No one knows what's in there... no one who can tell anyway.


What is my purpose?

That is a question everyone asks once in their lives. At least they are meant to.

Diana never had the chance.

She was born to the Fosters, a family great and powerful that specialized in... replacements. Born to not be herself, she has been training and learning her entire life to be a dying boy. Or to be more specific, the new version of the dying boy.

The request came from a mafia family for the Sinnoh branch, which Diana was born to. Their little boy, their heir, was born ill. And you see, twisted logic aside... they NEED. AN. HEIR. Simply put, the Keress sought a child who could become their dying heir and rise over them all. In Diana they found the face but not the soul. That would change, rather quickly. Day after day, almost without rest, she was taught every aspect of the world until she learned to soak up information, almost like a sponge. Fighting became natural, cruelty merely a tactic to win. Since the age of five, this was her life.

Did no one stand up for her you ask? Did no one love you you ask?

People loved her. Her family loved her deeply. However, this is the tradition. Her brother Damian was raised to be a chef apprentice for a chef on the S.S. Anne. Her sister was a musician, a master at becoming someone else so quickly that she had taken on three identities in her life and was already so well known and strong her name was never spoken out of reverence and fear. There was no time for Diana to admire her... but shouldn't she? Wasn't that was siblings did for each other? Didn't they fight, praise, love each other? She did not know. And not knowing made her a curious young woman. And curiosity is dangerous.

When she was thirteen, her skills were put precariously to the test when the boy died and the Keress had to save face. It was very close but she managed to fool them all. Or rather, she managed to become Luca, rather easily in fact. However, this only served to tie her deeper to this family. Simply put, if she is discovered to not be the heir, he will be killed. If the mafia finds him as the heir, she will be killed. This hanging over her head, Diana continued her work.

Four years later, Luca is sent to Hoenn. Why? To conquer it of course. In any way possible, she is to tear everything apart in her way. There will be no distractions, no mercy. There will only be darkness and death. There will only be pain. But now Diana is starting to wonder. And curiosity is a dangerous thing.

Starter: Deino

Roleplay Example:

Chris Mare

"Ahh... ooh look a Hondew plant!"

Yes, Chris, yes that was a Hondew plant. There are a lot of plants in this area sweetheart. Now pay attention to where you're going before you smack into another tree. "That isn't hard," she complained to the narrator. "There are lots of trees now."


Walking into Gneiss Town was an adventure within itself, what with the constant googly-eyed look every time she saw a leaf and the delighted ten-minute conversation about weather and the cute Seedot in that boy's arms she had with about every passerby she could get away with, Chris was more than sure that she had enough stories to blabber on the payphone until her money ran dry. She wouldn't though; she was kind of mad at her daddy. She kind of didn't want to be here. Sad to say however, she couldn't sit down in protest. Being stuck on the road would be no fun at all.

What? You think it would be fine? Then you sit on a spot of dirt for a long time when there were wild monsters roaming the area. Yeah didn't think so.

The town, at least to Chris, wasn't too big a deal. I mean, if you compared it to pictures of Lilycove she had gotten from passerby flower nerds, than no of course not. It was pretty cool. I mean, Rustboro didn't have a lab. Wish Taillow could see this... she commented in her head, grinning enthusiastically. Well, actually she wished Taillow was here. But he wasn't so she would have to find plenty of stories to entertain him.

"Hmm... what to do... go to the lab..." she singsonged dazedly like the happy little mad botanist-in-training she intended to be. "Wonder what I'm gonna get..." Honestly Chris hadn't thought too hard about this whole scenario. Not that she was given many options on the whole deal of being thrown onto a boat but... details. Hm... maybe she could get a Fire type... nah. Not right now. Maybe a water-type... she had always loved... what were they called? Spheal? Yes Spheal. She had caught a glimpse of someone from Verdanturf that used to frequent their shop with a Spheal. This place probably had no Spheal though. Sad face...

Oh well. Chris would just have to get the next best thing:... a Wingull.

The doors slid open as she drew closer to the large, bright lab. There were so many windows man... just. so. many. Maybe there were movies filmed here when they weren't studying Pokemon in an attempt to cure Poke-Cancer. She kind of wanted to ask but... at the sight of the strange man with the odd shirt, the question died in her throat. He looked... a bit of a mess actually. Very chill. Awesome.

"Are you..." he yawned. "Here for your starter?" The coffee cup in his hand sloshed lukewarm caffeine in the mug as he yawned.

"Uh... yeah?" Chris replied with one of those weird scratches of the head. Clearly they were both horribly confused. "I'm Chris. Chris Mare. Do these Pokemon come in Aprijuice?"

The guy stared at her for a moment. "What are you- you know what never mind. My name is Richard and I'm the professor here. Come on now... let's get you set up while I'm still awake." Chris followed, maneuvering bright red locks out of her face as she followed the sound of the sliding door.

An aide grabbed her, watching Richard amble away dazedly, apparently through the wrong door. "Sorry... let's let him go. Today has been rather strange... I'll set you up now. Here we go." She walked over to a table. "We have four different colors of P*DAs, which are like Pokedexes. They come with certain features so be sure to explore them. We have Jet black, Darumaka red, Turquoise, and Snake Green." Chris picked the Turquoise curiously, having little interest in green, black was lame, and what was a Darumaka?

The aide nodded in approval. "Good, good, now take this." He threw a backpack at her, almost like someone fired something out of a slingshot. Cara of course, caught it easily but she was just awesome so no duh. "Now... here you are." A tray of six Pokeballs was unceremoniously shoved in her face. "These would be the starters. No switches so choose wisely!"

Ookay. Chris stared at them intensely. "Which one of you can beat people up?" she asked the orbs, which just sat there obliviously. "Hmm... FINE!" The florist picked up a random one and cheered. "Whoever you are, we are buddies FOREVER!" She opened the ball and out popped...

A bulb.

Well to be honest it was actually an Oddish. Yay for Oddish! It blinked at her and tilted its head, well, body... "Odd?"

All Chris managed to say was: "You, little dude, are awesome."

It bounced. "Oddish!"
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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