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'Finally I found my room!' Lucas cheered with Aipom asleep on his shoulder. Lucas laughed at his partner as he heard a loud roar which woke up his poor Pokemon. 'Wow, what was that? Do you have any idea Aipom?' Aipom nodded as it rubbed it's eye. Lucas opened his door saying '190' and looked around his room. A bed, table, chair, lamp, dresser and a small bathroom Lucas was happy. He went into his room and he began to unpack everything into his dresser. He pulled out one drawer and put a spare pillow that was there into it and patted it. Aipom cheered and hopped up into it. Lucas crashed on his bed. He rolled over looking at his bag. He reached into it and pulled out a odd shaped stone. 'I hope I can do something amazing with this Aipom. Maybe it'll make something evolve!' Aipom nodded and looked quite happy for Lucas.

Suddenly a metallic bird flashed past his window, causing Lucas and Aipom to fall outta their beds. 'WOW! What was that!'. Opening the window thats over his bed he peaks his head out seeing a Skarmory going down towards someone. He looked familar but he was too far away to tell. Just then a harsh wind blew causing Lucas's prized goggles and hat to fly off his head. 'Oh no! Not my hat!' Aipom ran out of the window trying to jump to grab the hat for Lucas. But Lucas tugged on his tail pulling him back into the room. 'No Aipom! Don't risk your life for a silly hat! It's not worth it!' Aipom looked sad but Lucas hugged the purple monkey and smiled. 'Don't worry, I still have you buddy.'
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