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I advise making a Defensive Politoed, for they can fare quite well. This also works with your moveset (though don't pick Surf over Scald or Hydro Pump), which should suffice well with these EVs. You could possibly integrate HP grass to counter Water-Absorbers etc., but I am not sure how you would integrate this and which move you would drop.

As for Ludicolo (if you're set on using it), I would go for protect. That way, you can reap the benefits of their HP massively each turn. However, this is a risky strategy due to easy switching-out. This is also a reason why I do not advise Toxic. If you use it, my advise is simply to be careful with it and predict well.

Toxicroak will go well, especially with the defensive Politoed. I would give it higher speed though.

As for Kingdra, I'm pretty sure that Drizzle + Swift Swim is banned. I would take this off your team and replace it with something else, or else rethink your strategy with it.

Bronzong is fine, though Explosion is more of a GenIV move. It doesn't see much usage in GenV due to its loss of defense-lowering capabilities and would replace it.

I would finally not have Raikou and Jolteon on the same team, due to Raikou being low-ranked (not even OU) and Jolteon's superiority (plus they're really quite similar). Also, Thundurus-T fares much better than Jolteon in the modern metagame, though keeping Jolteon would not be so bad.

You would probably need 2 completely different Pokemon (other than Raikou/Jolteon and Kingdra). I would probably go for a dragon, Genesect, Keldeo etc.
Your team certainly is not bad, but there is quite some need for improvement. Feel free to ask me to elaborate on any of my advice, or even to give different advice if you don't agree with these views and want different ideas.