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Different game companies have their approaches to what they feel is the best way to handle publishing their titles, and this is obviously not a smart move by EA.

If they are worried about people buying and constantly playing the game, then you just need to spend lots of time trying to create a good quality game that you know will last for a long time. That also means not rushing the completion of the game. It doesn't need multiplayer or some kind of online component to be a successful game, because there are plenty of amazing single player titles out there that have absolutely no online component at all. Take a look at older generation titles from consoles like the N64, PS2, Gamecube, or Xbox, there lots of examples on simplistic single player games that had many sales and became successful.

However if this is what EA intends to do then let them have their own way. If it ends up working out for them and they make a profit, then good for them. But if they start losing profit, then it's an immediate signal that they should just stop right away and start publishing single player games.

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