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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
I don't think both are available in the hack.
Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
They were introduced in fourth gen. and this is a third gen. game. Hacking Pokémon into the game can only go so far. Unless he's implemented stones to evolve them (i.e. Eevee + Leaf Stone for Leafeon for instance, not sure what Glaceon could be), there is otherwise no way to get them even if they were in the game bar being catchable in the wild. Normally, you can only evolve them by leveling up where a Moss Rock or an Ice Rock are located, and that functionality is not available here.

Thanks guys/girls. I figured you couldn't get them. It's alright. I've managed to deal with it. Aside from the repeating scripts of some people (a bit lazy there), It's a great hack so far. The visuals are amazing.

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