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Yes I was speaking about Gen 3 remakes. Gen 1 and 2 we needed. Gen 3 we don't. If everyone is saying the only reason we need Gen 3 remakes is because of older Pokemon, then we don't need Gen 3 remakes at all as you can get all(cept Deoxys) of the Hoenn Pokemon between Diamond/Pearl and Black2/White2. (Time not just those four games lol)

Gens 2 and 4 Kanto still don't count. No real story. Only point of them being there was to not extend Johto anymore than a little bit and to give a reason to battle Red. 4/5ths of anything considered a story is Johto based. Barely anything existed in what was left of Kanto which really isn't much at all. They could have easily done without Kanto.

Only reason Gen 3 needs any sort of update is cause of story. That's the only thing that gets altered that isn't graphic related. Anything graphic related can be carried over to support Gen 1 remakes/updates again.