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Originally Posted by Wobbachomp View Post
So yeah hey... I've known about PokeCommunity for a loooooong time, just never got around to registering.
Anyway, my favorite Pokemon are Garchomp and Wobbufet.
My biggest hobbies are gaming and website managing. I am hoping to get a job as a web designer someday.
I'll probably be really active here cause... I'm always active when I join forums. :]
Hi there Wobbachomp, I'm Hikari.

Awesome username you have, we actually have a mod here whose name is the 3 Legendary dragons of Sinnoh combined.

What sections do you like? I might recommend Technology & Internet for all stuff internet-related. Their resident mod Hybrid Trainer knows a lot about technology so he'd be glad to answer any questions you have.

You should check out the PC Adoption Center where our NU/W mod Cirno will assign a partner to you based on a section of interest.

If you ever need to talk, feel free to VM me. And have a fun time here!

- Hikari10
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