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I've used Pokemon Fire Red 1636 and it does not work. I tried searching for a Pokemon Fire Red 1635 ROM, but I haven't found one yet. When I do find the ROM that is needed to be played I'll tell what type you would need, but you have to do the searching. I think 1638 might have been the one also. I have played through Amythest Sewers before and not encountered a level 49 Weezing, and I do not want to. Coincidentally in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 there is a sewer line before the third gym and the gym leader is Poison typed and female like Roxie and there hasn't been a Poison gym in a while.
Pokemon WARPED: Fixed Beta 3, to be available when I ask permission from Magneto20 or the other guy to fix it. Farfetch'd! Septo Conquest Deluxe is on hold until WARPED is finished to be more awesoming.
Pokemon Light Platinum X will be coming soon after CycloneGU makes a fixed version of the current release.
Also coming soon is Pokemon Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Also to be known as the Pokemon Seasons, Pokemon Summer and Winter coming soon first!