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Originally Posted by St33lDr4g0n View Post
Sure, the gen 4 and gen 5 games offer bleeding edge graphics,
The art design in the newer Pokemon games is awful, and the graphics are degrading and boring to look at. Should have stuck with 2D art and made it more interesting. DS has so many beautiful games so I don't see how one of its biggest games are also the ugliest.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Getting the PS1 with all the Crash games is probably the memory I cherish most regarding my video game "career", since it's how it all started. It doesn't hurt that the games are sublime and inspirational.
I guess getting the GBA and Pokemon Ruby (which was a "MIRACLES DO HAPPEN" moment to me at that time) and the GCN + Mario Sunshine come close second, though I don't think highly of the games anymore compared to Crash, which is still king of its type of platformer. Pokemon bores me now with its yearly rehashes, and Sunshine while I loved is outclassed by Galaxy.

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