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Hi DarkWyvern :3, it's awesome to meet another crazy 4th gen fan. I adore the 4th generation games, they're my absolute favourite. Like everyone has said,you'd definitely want to go there and browse through the interesting topics.

Many people here are interested in spriting and hacking so you'll definitely fit in around those parts.Myself? Can't hack one bit... I have watched the anime before and lost interest a while back. I can say safely though,I love Pokemon Special, it's pretty amazing :3.

I have no idea what Fire Emblem is either to be honest xD. But I'm sure I've seen a few fans of Fire Emblem out there :D.My name's Rainbow, I love many Pokemon but one of my favourites is definitely Arcanine.

I'm really friendly and if you want a long chat just drop a VM. Although I can't talk about hacking or spriting sorry . Have fun here make sure to read the main rules :3!
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