Thread: [Gen V] Sun Team [No Legendaries]
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You have no steels, so when latios comes in it can fire off a draco meteor and pretty much get a ko every time. It's unfortunate that you refuse to use "legendaries" because heatran / genesect would fit awfully well here but that's your call. I'd at least use forretress over starmie so that you can have at least one dragon resistance. Although forretress isn't as good of a spinner at least you won't get completely wrecked by most dragons. Tbh, I don't really see why you're using charizard. Although I guess you could say that volcarona falls into the "legendary" category it is really a much more deadly sweeper than charizard so I'd definitely give that a shot again. Dugtrio would also work much better than nidoking on this team for obvious reasons like it can trap tyranitar and weakened politoed.