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Sara woke up and immediately left the town, I'm so far behind, holy arceus! Where do I go. I know, I'll visit Norman, he'll love to see my new Normal type pokemon. She released Orrie and her Poliwag. "What should I name you.?" They all walked toward the next town, "Why don't I name you Fire so when I release you I can yell go Fire and people will think you're a Fire type." Sara laughed, knowing that wouldn't work. "Maybe Norman can have an idea."

She gave a loud sigh, "Then he will think I'm uncreative, why is naming so hard!" She yelled. Both of the pokemon were trotting ahead, oblivious to the turmoil of their trainer. "Maybe I should ask another trainer." She noticed a boy with an orange hat, "Hey you!"

"I bet you want to battle huh." The boy said.

"Uh, what no I just needed..."

"Let's battle!" He threw out a Zigzagoon

"Uh, what why are you," She sighed, and called in Zigzagoon. "I guess this is some weird rule."

"Zigzagoon use tackle!" The boy yelled. Sara instructed hers to do the same. They both hit each other but Orrie took much more damage. "Haha! My Zigzagoon is much stronger than yours." Orrie stood back up and growled.

"Uh, I have no idea what you mean by that but I don't think you should be laughing." She instructed Orrie to use another tackle, "This time prep it more, the way he is doing it isn't the way we trained." Orrie got ready for the tackle.

The boy told his Zigzagoon to attack, the Pokemon charged forward recklessly. Orrie charged forward and they collided again. This time the boy's Zigzagoon fell over, he stood up again. "Zigzagoon use headbutt."

"Wait what, what's the difference." The boy's Zigzagoon charged and hit Orrie. Orrie fell over and could barely stand back up, "Oh what, how does that." She sighed! "Well come back here Orrie, go Fire!" Ick I don't like the sound of that. She applied a potion onto Zigzagoon, "Sit here for a bit." She turned to the fight.

"Okay Poliwag hit the Zigzagoon in the face with your tail." Poliwag did as she said and Sara began laughing, "That's hilarious."

The boy became angry and started complaining. Sara pulled out her pokedex, "What moves do you have I wonder." Does this say bubble, that sounds hilarious. "Use bubble!" Poliwag did as she said, blowing bubbles in the face of Zigzagoon. This made Sara roll on the ground cracking up. The Zigzagoon had actually taken damage and was struggling to stand up. Sara could barely speak but gave another order, "Do it again, ha, use bubble."

The boy's Zigzagoon charged through the bubble and hit Poliwag hard, knocking it out. Zigzagoon had taken significant damage, and Sara had stopped laughing, "Dude, you should've backed off. Go Orrie, I want you to use headbutt like that one just did." This time Orrie pulled off a direct hit and knocked the boy's Zigzagoon out. Sara put both of her Pokemon in their balls and looked toward the boy, "You know, why don't you take one of these." She tossed him a potion. "I don't think it wakes them up, but it should fix up its bruises."

The boy stood up, "Wow thanks lady, you really are a strong trainer." Sara pat his head and walked toward the city.
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