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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
If you come up with a good idea of how they can get the attention you think they deserve, I suggest you talk to Skymin about it. Until then, I think this system is a good thing.

As long as the judges don't override the nominations too much and let someone win with only one nomination in a category when someone else had, like, 5.
That is my exact reason for bringing it up here. I figured we could all work together to bring up some solution to this issue. I am trying to think of something, but so far the best Idea I'd had was a Nomination Thread, but even then I'm iffy on the idea myself. But the fact is that few people will know of an RP or a player in an RP if said RP is small. For example, a goliath like Pokemon Trainer Academy will probably reel in numerous votes (due to a large group playing) and even a player within will have more votes because more people will know about them. This is compared to, for example, a group with only four or five players. Someone could make something truly amazing with this small RP or make a wonderful character for this small RP. The small group leaves an even smaller chance for the RP itself or a player within to get even a nomination, because a vast majority of RPers won't look around outside of an RP they're already in/running.

5 votes versus one... Though I still believe that a single, well-thought-out vote can trump five votes that don't necessarily prove anything. If anything, I believe that the Judgement Power should actually be increased. So that every potential winner has a fair chance. Just because someone gets a lot of votes does not mean that a single person's vote for someone/something else is insignificant.

Here's another idea: Require a link for every nomination. For example, link to the Roleplay's OOC or to a Character's posts, to actually show their worth. This way the Judges can see what they're voting for.


I'd also like to nominate Supervegeta as Godliest Player.