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Quote originally posted by jellicentfan1:
It would not be worth their time. Gen IV is through in GFs minds. They only will ever let you send pokemon ahead a generation. You would also have to go through deleting all new moves and removing items. Also dream World abilities would prevent some Pokemon from being sent back because they would not have that ability obtainable prior. There would be too much work and most people would not be interested in sending them back over anyway. Also one last point, because they didnot implement it in B 2& W2 it would not be implemented anyway. Gen 5 is likely done barring we get remakes.

This. It pretty much sums it up nicely;
I mean, yeah it would be nice to have something to transfer them back, but honestly, I rarely play my old Pokemon games, I only play Black now I haven't played D/P/Pt/HG/SS for a long time now, so I really don't mind that we can't transfer them back.


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