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Originally Posted by metallica0308 View Post
Can you get a Genesect in B2/W2 and then trade it to B/W and then make a new save file on the same B2/W2 cartridge to get two Genesect?
Originally Posted by metallica0308 View Post
Also, just another quick question related to the same thing. How far into the game do you have to get to get/trade Genesect?
Can answer both at once XD

Yes you can so long as the Wonder Card gets deleted as well when you start a new game as that is what blocks you getting a new one. As for when you can trade, after the first Gym.

You don't get the C-gear until after the first gym so until then you cannot trade as you won't have the Pal-Pad until then either. So while you can get multiple'll have to sit there for a few hours to constantly do that.