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Tera came back to her cabin from her early morning training, she had woken up at 4am constantly since she got to camp to train. She came back roughly around seven to eat breakfast, eating and resting for a few hours before training again. In the morning she runs and boxes, working on her cardio. But during the day when there is sunlight she practices using her weapons, enjoying the light of nature and cool breeze.

She also took Flygon out for a ride, practicing her aim while riding her. This was daily life for Tera and she generally enjoyed it. She hadn't met any other campers yet, almost always out of camp. She often spent rest time against a tree studying textbooks and doing worksheets sent from her friends. Sometimes she would even lean against Flygon, and read out loud.

One day during a light jog she heard a loud horn, "What do you think that could be Flygon?"

The big Pokemon answered, "I heard something about a capture the flag, you think that's what that is?" Tera was happy to hear of a team event, and mounted Flygon.

"Let's get to camp then we can see personally." They flew back to the cabins, landing just near the center where other campers were converging, "Oh wow, it must be something big, look at all the people!"
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