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Quote originally posted by Mac123:
Hi all, im Mac123, or you could just call me Mac. My hobbies used to be reading but now i prefer video games Im new to this community and if anything comes up ill be happy to be of service.
same happened with me 2 but i don't play video games much nowadays

Quote originally posted by Lewy:
I'm Lewy, I'm not really that new but I never bothered to introduce myself, partly because I didn't find this thread until today. I'd just like to say hello to everyone and I hope you're all enjoying being a part of the community. :D
nice avatar btw

Quote originally posted by KirakonGxi:
Hye Everyone, as My Name is KiraKonGxi Nice To Meet u All .... I'm New in this Forum !

Quote originally posted by BigO2233:
I'm Bigo2233, or just Big or BigO, and I'm attempting to write a novel nuzlocke. I'll have the first few pages up soon and I;m mostly trying to spread the word of my story through deviant art and such. Please give it a read when you can and I'm glad to have joined such a successful and frankly big Poke Forum so easily.
u are writing a novel so Fan Fiction and Writing is the place for u

Quote originally posted by dominionGTR:
Hey guy's i'm dominion.

I've been in to the pokemon game's since i was a little kid ( so baisically when it came out ). Honestly i suck at the game i have no rpg competitiveness in my bones or maybe no strategy when it comes to that.

My goal on here is to maybe make a program to play the tcg online for free and automated without the expense of paying money for booster packs, it may pan out or i may fail and give up idk

anyway glad to meet anyone that responds :D

all the best for the program
btw wht's ur avatar?
i know that it is a Pokemon but which one?

Quote originally posted by Rothometapratis:
Hi all, I signed up cause this guy pokemonhg72 in a video of his in youtube about getting pokemon ash gray told me to in the desription. I 'm currently playing pokemon ash gray. Thanks for that by the way.

BTW u all should make an intro and make sure to read the rules
Feel free to VM/PM me if you want to chat or have questions シ
Have fun @ PC!!
See y'all around~