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I said you could feel for the Pokemon. I'm not denying that. It just can't feel back without higher artificial intelligence, which would be wasted on a game like this until it's something really cheap to use, which should be after this franchise finally kicks the bucket.

A dodge option is an awful idea. Evasion is already a cheap ass way of doing things, so being able to dodge even more is, most likely, a bad idea. Not to mention, at a certain point, you could just waste their PP for turns on end. If you want something like this, just use Protect or Detect. Same basic idea, but without the level of bull.

Have you ever played a game where fatigue is a thing? It does nothing but make games extremely tedious. It doesn't add more feeling, it makes it so that you constantly have to worry if you're going to have an issue with that unit/character/etc.

The appeal of the game is how it's set up. Yes, you could eventually make an anime-style one, but what we have now is a tried and true method which often has childhood memories attached.
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