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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
I can imagine posh British classy people drinkin tea and discussing Culture and Media, but when I hear General Entertainment I think of spastic American children being beaten by their fat redneck parents talking about Nicki Minaj and Snooki.
you know
sometimes droomph
just sometimes
i really don't understand you

I just liked typing out C&M, I suppose. To me, it will always have a nicer ring to than GE (the complete opposite of what Jon said to me). GE always makes me think of genetic engineering and that's not what I come to PC for!!!!
wir hören ein singen im raum
singen im raum, singen im raum
wir jagen die monotonie
monotonie, monotonie
wir machen aus stunden ein jahr
und mondschein aus unserem haar
wir fliegen so weit wie noch nie
- jürgen paape (so weit wie noch nie, 2002)