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Well I did what I mostly planned to do.

lvl 35 volcarona (modest my first try...I was so happy about that...going to wreck stuff)

lvl 36 samaurott (nuetral nature because I was lazy)

lvl 35 magnezone (Quiet nature...I was too lazy for modest...but I might relevel for it. I figured he'd be getting outsped by most things his level anyways.)

lvl 34 lucario (He's actually annoyingly squishy, especailly since his nature is stealing from his spd. D. :[ ) The fighting type is great but if I drop someone from the team it will be him most likely.

Edit: Oh, sorry. This doesn't belong here . I should have posted in the sticky journal thread. SORRY

I gave up on the excadrill, it would have been too difficult to keep 5 pokemon at a decent level. Just using a low level zubat for flying. Only other addition I would make is Hydreigon cause it's amazing.