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Please read all of the information before passing judgement!

Hey guys, I am creating my very first hack (in collaboration with BlackSoul95)... specifically a Fakemon hack. Now, I know that Fakemon have kind of been a taboo in pokemon hacks, mainly since the majority of them - especially in infamous hacks I will not name here - are done poorly. My aim is to change that, by recreating FireRed with 150 brand new, high-quality Fakemon! Thus, while the game itself will be basically the same, it will have a completely new Pokedex to create a brand new experience!

This actually started as a kind of brainstorming thread on another message board, but since this is the internet central of ROM Hacks, this seemed like the best place to post a real thread about my hack once I was ready to post it.

- 150 brand new Pokemon! (Maybe 151 if I can figure out how to add new events in...)
- Easter Egg Pokemon! (Not shown in above Pokedex).
- New overworlds for all event Pokemon.
- Replacement for Eevee with same evolution mechanics (and FIVE stone-based evolutions!)
- Several unique typings - including Bug / Ice, Grass / Ghost and Rock / Dragon.
- Useless TMs edited to be more useful! The list of changed TMs is here:
TM05 - Extremespeed
TM15 - Ice Punch
TM43 - Thunderpunch
TM45 - Fire Punch Coz GSc's Elemental Punches TMs were awesome!)
TM49 - Rock Slide (yes I am aware there is a move tutor for it as well, but it can only be used once).

- Additional moves from later generations, such as Brave Bird, Dark Pulse and Hurricane have also been added. Moves such as Tackle, Giga Drain and Outrage have been updated to reflect their Gen V stats.
- NEW FEATURE: Brand new moves have been added! Have fun with moves like Demolition, Bug Shard and Toxic Crush!* You can drop a comment suggesting a new move and if I can implement it, I might just do that!
- Every trainer, gym leader, elite four and champion edited.
- More to come!

*Below is a spoiler of the new moves and what they do. This spoiler will be removed if I find out how to change the move descriptions of the moves I have replaced.

Toxic Crush - Rock - 95 power - 90% acc - May poison the foe.
Demolition - Fighting - 120 power - 100% acc - Causes recoil damage. (This is is because I can't implement CloseCombat, TBH).
Bug Shard - Bug - 85 power - 100% acc - May paralyze the foe.
Dragon Slash - Dragon - 45 power - 100% acc - Hits twice.


Once this hack is released, I'll be putting up people's Hall of Fame screenshots (if you send them to me, of course). For now, here's mine from my recent playtesting:


Before I post screenshots, I thought I should post some photos from YAPE to show how thoroughly I am editing the Pokemon for this hack. Click the spoiler to see the shots! (These shots are out-of-date; this pokemon has different stats and moveset to what is shown here.)

New Names, Stats, Typings, Abilities and Gender Ratios.

Evolutions and Egg Groups edited.

All movesets, TM and HM compatibilities changed (except for Move Tutors...)

New Pokedex entries, height and weight edited, and Size Comparisons carefully edited!

And now the screenshots you want! (They are all kind of bigger than intended...) - <-- Many of these are fairly outdated, due to changes / cleaning up of sprites, editiong in moveste / stats / abilities, etc. But you get the gist of the hack.


New sprites and accurate size comparisons. (many of my sprites use base sprites as a template, but I always try and ensure that the end result is a compeltely new Pokemon!)


What could this new, crap-but-maybe-not-crap Pokemon evolve into, I wonder...?


New Pokedex entries! (Sprite shown is a placeholder until I make a cleaner sprite.)


Yeah, I know what you're thinking. It's badass.


Bit of a battle between two of the starter Pokemon in a Rival battle.


I wonder what kind of power this mysterious new Pokemon holds...


New Legendaries (including overworlds) add to the fun! XD (This one is Ghost/Fighting, FYI.)

Pokemon edited / entered into game: 150 / 150
Pokemon with completed sprites: 105 / 150 approximately (Though only about 20 so far actually have back sprites.)
Normal Trainers edited: Complete
Gym Leaders / Elite 4 / Champion edited: Complete

Progress will move slowly, as I am completing my Medical Science college course and (eurgh...) job-hunting, so time is kind of short. Spriting is also a very tough and long-winded process, often taking over an hour for a single Pokemon's front and back sprites, so this will not be released any time soon. Please be patient. Any help I can receive with regards to spriting (though BlackSoul95 and I will do the majority of this) and hex editing (to change edited move descriptions and animations, Game Corner prize pokemon names, etc.) would be fantastic!

BlackSoul95 - Lead spriter.

Silver314 - creator of YAPE.
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