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The 3DS jumped into the 'Bad DRM' territory though with it's region locking though.

Moot point though, as there are no 3DS emulators/flashcards out. Yet.

Edit - Speaking of super ****** DRM, did you know that there were actually some forms of DRM that would cause your computers components to wearout at a very increased rate?

Edit again - Another exception to my pirate everything with DRM rule, but If I had a less laggy internet connection then I'd be buying some games just for the MP. Top of my list, currently, is ME3. (I have a dislike for it but its not enough to make me hate it. It's not the ending either... It's because they completely screwed my favorite gun, the M-5 Phalanx. I loved the ME-2 version, can't stand the ME3 version. And it's not because it's weaker, it's because they got rid of the laser targeting)
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