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Quote originally posted by Rothometapratis:
And I'm pretty sure that they would have more. For example in season 1 episode 14: "Electric Shock Showdown", Raichu uses 6 moves:
1. thundershock
2. mega punch
3. mega kick
4. some kind of tail-slam
5. bodyslam
6. thunderbolt
I can bring many examples. Did you really really think that they had 4 only moves at a time?!

Well, the anime also believes that Shadow Ball can hit a Normal-type, Petal Dance confuses the opponent, Will-O-Wisp is an actual attack that doesn't burn the foe, Blaze and Overgrow increase the power of all attacks, Sandstorm is a Ground-type version of Gust, and that you can switch out a Pokemon with itself during a battle, so I really don't think using the anime as an example when it comes to the rules of the game's battle system is the best thing. The anime has shown time and again that it doesn't like to follow the game's rules. =P

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