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Actually, I haven't even completed one play through of any 4th gen game yet. I lost my original copy of Diamond at a hotel when my family went on vacation in Atlanta. I never made it to Sunyshore City yet. Luckily I bought a new copy of Diamond in December with Christmas money and so far I've got three badges and made it to their Veilstone Headquarters.
In HeartGold, I haven't gotten through Rock Tunnel yet. And I haven't bought Platinum mainly cause I can't always afford games, but hopefully I'll buy it soon.
So my answer to this is that I'm still on my first run of a my 4th gen Pokemon games. Yup, I'm pretty slow at playing video games. So that's why I haven't lost touch or moved on. Though even when I do finish them, I'll still be playing them. All of them are still pretty fun and Pokemon games have alot of replay value in my opinion. I've replayed Pokemon Gold and Emerald countless amount of times.
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