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Originally Posted by Yellow Silver Nostalgia View Post
That's bull****. We're frugivores like all the other primates. Just 99% of people are too dumb to see it, and the other 1% don't want to feel left out.
Where did you hear that? Sure we eat fruit, but it's not our main type of food source. I'm pretty sure humans are omnivores.
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Humans are omnivorous, capable of consuming a wide variety of plant and animal material

Anyway, I posted this as my Facebook status.
"PETA , Pokemon is about friendship and bonding and treating Pokemon as equals , not enslaving and abusing little creatures and forcing them to battle. They battle cause they love their trainer and want to be their friend. Also it's just a game and shouldn't be taken so seriously."

As much as I care for animals, I think PETA went overboard. They always do and that's why I'll never support their silly, ignorant cause.
They clearly don't understand the concept of Pokemon which is nothing about abuse. Lastly, for a game that's suppose to be supporting animal abuse, it's really violent. Contradictory much?
United we stand, divided we fall.
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