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Originally Posted by Alexandre View Post
It will however, have the same performance as RMXP (or better).
What? You are giving it a chance to be the same speed and not going "it will be better than RMXP"? C is MUCH FASTER than ruby (considering ruby was programmed in C) so as for that it HAS TO BE FASTER! (Unless you are planning to add a ton of extra unneeded things into the system which could be erased from the CPU's memory)

With that said, I do like the way charsets are put together.
Originally Posted by Alexandre View Post
I haven't yet figured out the implementation of autotiles. I'm still thinking of a way similar to RMXP's. Currently, the only way to do it would be to use events which of course will get laggy and consume more resources than necessary. Not to worry though, they will get done!
The auto tiles (un animated) are just loaded each as different tiles the animated are loaded as animation arrays I believe, either way all auto tiles take tiles 0 - 383 (or 393 not sure anymore) so in this case tile sets are needed instead of map images.
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