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Originally Posted by Medlis View Post
Hi there Necrum, I just picked up my Pokemon White 2.
I'm looking at possibly trading my Genesect and my Thunderous (if I can ever catch the damn thing, I'm very tempted to throw a master ball at the bloody thing.) and my Virizion and Cobalion.

For the Genesect, I have a fairly good idea on a few breeding requests (If I don't decide to trade it for a shiny Tynamo. Stupid thing is adorable) as for the normal legendaries... Would an EV Trained Magikarp or Mr Mime be a fair trade?
That all sounds good. Let me know what you want! You'll be my first EV request.
Originally Posted by MightyHeracross View Post
hey man. I got some cool eggs. Would you like a hint with them or no? Anyways, I just have to go catch a couple pidove on B2, trade the eggs into B2, and then we can exchange our FCs for that game. When do you get the pal pad in B2? Is it far into the game?
That sounds fine. No hints though, they need to remain a mystery. Just let me know which eggs when you're ready!


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