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Lol sounds good, love sandbox rps
Character: Fester (Khalil Withrow, why not my name is as real as a fake one)
Country: United States

Appearance: Khalil in real life is mixed, standing at 5"11 and is quiet fit. He has a shaved head and sometimes twitches whenever he is excited. He wears mixed armor, reflecting his random personality. He has a wicked smile engraved upon his face, looking crazed and completely void of emotion. He carries a katana as a weapon.

Personality:Khalil is an empathetic psychopath, reframing himself from killing players but brutally killing monsters and never holding back in a dual. Ever since the lock in, Khalil has been lost to insanity and many know of it. He sincerely thinks that life is a game and the game is still just that, a game and resorts to killing every monster he sees. Deep down in his twisted mind he knows that things are real, but he'd rather die killing everything in sight then going down trying to survive. He is also a grinder, focusing on cooking what he kills for the thrill, he no longer cares what happens to him or anyone else, he sometimes lures noobs out of the city to see how long they last for his own laughs. (He will still help kill a boss as long as he isn't restricted.)

Life before SAO: Khalil was an accountant in a cramped office building owned by his deceased dad before he join SAO, he had a high status in his company and lived alone, though he was very bored with life. Him and his only friends managed to get copies of the game, all of them being best friends. They had played many MMOs before and SAO seemed like the best they had seen. They each went home, (his friends lived with their family) and began their journey. Khalil hoped to have a more exciting life.

Current Level: 12
Weapon: One handed Sword (He never wields a shield, not fearing death.)
Non-Combat Skills: Cooking and Speed

Summary of first month in Aincrad:
-Him and his friends read the guide compiled by the beta-testers.
-They spent all of the first day grinding, then entered the city for the spectacle.
-Both of Khalil's friends were forcibly disconnected and killed, Khalil thinks nothing of it
-After hearing about the death count, and seeing the news report it dawns on Khalil that his friends are gone.
-Khalil realizes that he has nothing to go back to and snaps, he denies that real life exists. He can't figure out what reality is real, so he treats the game as life but plays it like a game.
-Khalil only allows people to call him by his character name: Fester
-Khalil is invited to the guild Laughing Coffin after slaughtering ruthlessly, he declines and outmatches their leader.
-Khalil spends weeks grinding, leveling, and raising skills. He assisted in the defeat of all but the most current boss (where he had slept in and missed the whole thing, sending him on an Npc killing rampage.)
-Khalil has inadvertently killed five players due to his rampages, preventing them from having monsters to kill and level.
-Khalil has a lot of money from cooking for noobs and selling trash from mobs, he uses it to buy more cooking ingredients if he is in the city but normally he has enough to cook with so he just owns a lot of money.
-Khalil does not acknowledge the fact that the other people in the game are real and believes them to be advanced AI, and believes that he can not kill them (so he doesn't waste energy trying)

(After lock in, Khalil is called Fester and that is what I'll call him IC)
Fester awoke the day after the chaos, having camped in an alleyway. He stood up mind lost and began to laugh maniacally, "What should I kill today, boars, rats, maybe I can kill people. No no no, people can't be hurt by me, and I can't cook people in this game. No I can't." He looked around fidgeting, unable to keep still, "I can't take all this waiting, there are so many animals that are waiting for me to kill and eat, or maybe kill and sell." He pulled over a random player who happened to walk by and held the boy's shoulders. "Hey you, I need to kill, what should I kill? I can't decide." The player looked confused, "You're right I can just kill so many of everything it won't matter, thanks pal I bet you were programmed to help me." Then Fester skipped off happily, doing a chant about how to cook the animals.

Out in the wilderness Fester was having a ball, hardly using his sword skill. He had already killed enough to level again and was killing so fast he was almost able to keep up with spawn rates. Other players could only kill far away from where he was, afraid that he may be a player killer. One player came up to Fester and asked as much only to get a twitchy response, "You know, I can't kill players in a one player game, is that some sort of trick question? Are you a sphinx incognito? If so then I will slay you where you stand." The player was naturally terrified, but Fester just laughed, "I can't believe how well programmed they made you guys. You really looked scared." Fester walked away fidgeting and rambling, "Those NPCs are all so well programmed, I bet it took days to make them, maybe even months for one, and I can kill them in less than an second this is so great!" The players decided not to mess with him.

He spent the next day going around trying to force his wares on players, "The one that buy them are always hiding in these useless one gah!" Eventually one player did in fact want to buy some of his food, though the player had also not known who Fester was. "Oh great, you wanna buy my food? How much, all of it or most of it? I need to kill more don't I, how stupid can I be."

The player looked confusedly at Fester and obviously didn't know what this man was babbling on about. The player was of about twenty years and a female, though Fester wouldn't have cared if it was his own mother, why would he when the whole game is full of NPCs and he is the only player. "Uh, sir exactly how strong are you?"

"Why do you not want my food? I can't stay if you don't, all of this killing will go to waste and I'll have to kill more, adding more to the waste. You're going to make me waste kills." He grabbed his head and squeezed it tightly, annoyed by the paradox, "I thought AIs were the ones who couldn't handle paradoxes." His eyes widened and he perfectly froze, "I must be an AI," He shook his head violently, "No no it is a trick, to make you think you're an Npc so you can, uh."

The girl laughed, "Uh okay, I'm not a NPC, and--"

"Why would they waste time programming these people to say that, it is so wasteful. Maybe they want you to feel like your playing with other players, yes that's the most logical thing." He was rambling again, but the girl really didn't know if he was still listening, not wanting to get interrupted again, she spoke fast.

"Look I'm not very good at video games, Ive been stuck in this town since the lock in and I don't want to die, I'll buy your food but can you help me get to the last floor?" She hoped he would help.

"An escort quest? And someone that buys my food? That is so awesome, I can't wait, so what are the requirements of this quest exactly? Do I have to kill everything between here and the top floor?"

She didn't realize it would be this easy, the man was a complete fool, or maybe just insane. "Just keep me alive, and don't maybe we can help other players, er NPCs."

"I guess we can, but I don't know... Oh my name is Fester, but I just call myself Fester, you know. I think you should be called Rose or Violet or Flow because NPCs always have lame names and I'm sure you will respond to one of those."

"But my name is Kayla..."

"Well that isn't a very fantastical name is it? No Flow, or Violet, or Red because flowers are always names of females in games and such, or is it never..." He began to ramble again and eventually settled for Rose, "But I may change it later so don't get confused when I do. I'll accept this quest, how exactly do I do that?"

"You mean you got to your level just by killing?!"

"There is another way? I thought quests were optional, how silly of me." Regardless Kayla sent a friend request and a group invite, generally scaring Fester, though he got over it fairly quickly. "First we must feast! Because I wish to eat, and you have also wished to eat, and feasting is what they do in games like this. Or was it movies like this..." He walked off abruptly, Kayla following him, sure that she could easily manipulate him.
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