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Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
Hello guys! I am interested to find out which Pokemon you used the Master Ball on And also, please state the other legendaries and what balls you caught them! If you can, please also state the amount of balls (Don't think dirty ^~^) of that type that you used it on (How many tries)

Rayquaza - Master Ball (1 Try, duh?)
Groudon - Ultra Ball (17 Tries)
Kyogre - Dive Ball (53 Tries no kidding!)

Latias - Pokeball (126 tries including the other times it escaped. I used a Pokeball as a last resort! :o)
Latios - Pokebal (0 tries, traded with my cousin for a Rayquaza that I have cloned once previously )

Regice, Regirock, Registeel: For all three Regi's, I didn't manage to catch them because I lost my Cartridge (T^T)

Jirachi - Ultra Ball (6 - 8 tries can't remember o.o)

Lugia - Killed it :'( (I found it at the Cave of Origin the first time I entered there to search for that Champion guy)

Post below how you caught them! :D
Lugia in Cave of Origin?
You used ultra balls on Jirachi which is colloseum exclusive?

I used my first Master Ball on an Altaria.(I didnt knew english back then so i thought it was adifferent colored pokebal
On my other runs i used them on the Eon pokemons for obvious reasons.

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