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Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
On topic of gangnam style, I just watched it once but I'm in no interest to loop it nonstop like some people. The comedy value of them invisible horses just wear off after you've seen it once in my point of view...

Also, why did OCC slow down so much these days over the years o_o; used to have like new posts once every min, or did we all move on to the IRC or what?
It's not a great song at all but you have to have seen it at least once. And you have to admit that the first time you watch it it was so ridiculous it was still a little bit funny.

I believe it definitely doesn't deserve the publicity it's gotten.

I'm going to go ahead and assume anyone involved with OC&D got bored and moved on, but you still have some newcomers, Like me!! and because of it maybe we moved up in the world
Then again probably not