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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
No, Nintendo's offical dates were until October 6th. That's what was up on so that Gamestop is holding the cartridge for the download, which will get them a fine for doing so. I've seen a whole store close for that before.

If they got it late, then maybe they're making up for the lost time, but they should have sent that back a Saturday ago.
Agreed. Similar reasons are why I couldn't get NSMB2 a day early, on August 18, even though I was not expected to be in the city the next day. While they could have in theory handed me the game and I give them my money (because it was in the back), even just doing that and processing the sale the next day is wrong for them to do, and for a major chain store like Best Buy or Future Shop, the fine alone would be enough to possibly close the store, but at the very least they would no longer have the right to sell Nintendo products!

Sounds like the same could happen to this GS for offering the event outside its timeframes.

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