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Thanks. When I said deduce, I meant if you could figure out what my pokemon's stats were given the base stats of Snivy, the level, the nature, and the evs gained. Is that possible?
If you have the IVs too, then yes, you could find out the stats.
And what do you mean by impractical? Why is that? I think I'm training for speed and there are plenty of Purrloin available...
Sure, just for speed it is fine, but what about the other stats that aren't necessarily doable early on without some tediousness? That and it just tends to be easier to do that sort of training after beating the game (so you have everywhere available, better for breeding the Pokemon you want which is part of the competitive team creation scheme for many, etc). Nearly everyone I know who does EV training doesn't bother with it in doing it before beating the E4, especially as it is not necessary to just beat the game.