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Originally Posted by Pyrax View Post

I've accomplished the following things since my last post:
  • Started the sidequest with the lost Xtransceiver
  • Activated one of the Memory Link events
  • Ghastly, Houndour and Magnemite evolved
  • Did some level grinding
  • Arrived in Driftveil
  • Obtained N's Zorua, whom I then trained up into Zoroark (felt like Zoroark could make a nice "unofficial" member of my team alongside Lucario)

Current Status
Just beat Clay using Dewott and Monferno, currently on my way to the PWT.

Dewott "Takeru" lv.33
Monferno "Sun Wukong" lv.32
Haunter "Ophelia" lv.31
Houndour "Midnight" lv.30
Magneton "Gamma" lv.30
Trapinch "Horizon" lv.30

I've accomplished the following things since my last post:
  • Won the Driftveil Tournament
  • Encountered Team Plasa
  • Went through Chargestone Cave, Trapinch evolved in the process.
  • Caught a couple of N's Joltik and Ferroseed while looking for a Tynamo.7
  • Arrived in Mistralton

Current Status
On my way to Celestial Tower

Samurott "Takeru" lv.37
Monferno "Sun Wukong" lv.35
Haunter "Ophelia" lv.36
Houndoom "Midnight" lv.36
Magneton "Gamma" lv.34
Vibrava "Horizon" lv.35
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