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I have AdBlock, thankfully, so I don't see any ads anymore. That makes me happy, because all of those Flash advertisements are annoying, especially the ones that pop up in the middle of your screen (not a new window) when you're trying to read something. Those are the WORST. They grab my attention, but in such a negative way. Resorting to that extreme makes me LESS likely to want to click it.

Though really... I don't like paying attention to any advertising. I buy what I need or what I really want, and if I need to do research, then I will. I won't pay any attention to the ads, whether they're billboards, TV adverts, radio spots, whatever. They really don't work on me. Being annoying is not the way to get positive attention or my interest, and I'm already selective because money is tight. I don't want to get tempted by anything that looks awesome, because I probably don't need it. All of that is why I use AdBlock xD

I hope that's more than just "I can has AdBlock so I see no adz"
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