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- Progress -
Well I met Colress Crustle out of the way(after the battle of course). Then I trained up a few of my pokemon on Route 4 then made my way up to Nimbasa were I decided I would have Keldeo on my team, so I trained up Keldeo in the Nimbasa area on Route 5 & 16. I evolved Electabuzz into Electivire and used him against Elesa which he worked out perfectly with his new move Earthquake. Now I am off to battle Charles so he can get out of my way.

- Captures -

(More like obtain/traded over)

- Evolutions -

Pokedex - Seen: 84 | Obtained: 57

- Team -
lv. 35
- Force Palm
- Quick Attack
- Return
- Bone Rush

Notes: Lucario was fairly useful on Route 4 since Steel resists Sandstorm.

lv. 36
- Thunderbolt
- Psychic
- Earthquake
- Brick Break

Notes: Evolved Electabuzz at lv. 32 and while I had it on White I TM'ed it all its current moves.

lv. 30
- Aqua Jet
- Take Down
- Double Kick
- Bubble Beam

Notes: I thought I was going to have issues with Keldeo leving up wise, but since I transferred Keldeo I have had absolutely no problems with it. So I look forward to using it in the future.


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