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Icarus Uprising

What? He's still asleep? He should be up by now! I oughta kill him right now for- ...Eh? Oh, I'm suppose to wake him up... I am telling his story. Ahem, I'll wake him up now, by poking him with my Master Hand!

Pit awakens from the gate he was sleeping on, droozy inside with sleepy eyes. What does a bed feel like? Anyway, Ichigo rose next from his slumber, a little more comfortable than Pit. That's a Pokemon for you. Yesterday was hectic, what with the New Moon Festival & all the princes & princesses, not to mention that princess from Divine Water give one out to Pit & Hikari Densetsu. What do you know, he's already daydreaming about that princess he loves again. Should I slap him with my Master Hand?

The day was bright & sunny today, beautiful sky as would a pretty flower ready to bloom. Now was time to start the day, with the usual morning routine. Pit picked up & held Ichigo in his arms, walking away from the gate of the Densetsu family, the path he was taking that led to the forest. A smile formed on his face. If you're wondering why, ask me. What's that? You don't know why? I'll tell you. He might meet Hikari Densetsu, a princess, of Sacred Fire. She did say she would be around the forest at this time.

In the forest, Pit & Ichigo sneaked around trees & branches, searching for any suspicious activity. Usually there wasn't, like now. Cut one, cut two, cut down all the fruit along the way! So far, Pit had at least three berries. He was walking along through the forest with Ichigo, making sure to stay close to Ho-Oh City. What other berries could there be around here?

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