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The day was ending... Or it was beginning. He honestly didn't remember which, as he'd been to deeply in thought to pay attention to the passing of time. Cian massaged his forehead placatingly, hoping to fight off the headache he was getting. Beside him, sat Savant, his ever present Gengar companion.

Trainer. You should eat. You haven't eaten since we got here... Savant reminded him. He was almost like a parent... Cian shook his head.

"Savant. I need to think... We need a strategy if we want to get through this." he said. Cian shifted into a more contemplative position, moving his hand under his chin. His mismatched eyes stared off at the plains ahead of him, as he attempted to plan out a strategy.

Savant grunted and sat down. Strangely enough, Savant never went farther than reminding him. They both sat in silence as they studied the orange clouds overhead.
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