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Hi there! Not sure if you want some constructive criticism or not; if not, then please feel free to ignore this post lol. Anyways, first of all, I like how you've done different and more uncommon angles of the face in the first five pieces you've linked here. Personally, I would love to see more uncommon angles from you like in this one. You've also got the skin tones down pretty well, which is good to see. My only advice here is that I think you need to sharpen up on your facial anatomy a tad (more specially the placement of the eyes, especially in views such as this one). is a fantastic place for references, especially if you're looking for different views of the face and various expressions (anger, sadness, joy, etc). FaceGen Modeller is also a handy little programme to use, as it allows you to tilt the head in any direction and lets you select faces from any race, gender and age. Another thing I would recommend working on is your shading - try going a bit darker! This will help your art 'pop' out more and will make your shading seem less muted and muddled. But overall, it's looking pretty good so far!

For your latest WIP, I have some constructive criticism. I see that you've already gotten to the stage where you've painted in the basic colours, so I completely understand if you don't want to redo it. However, I hope my criticism will help you in the future!

The first thing I noticed about your WIP was the pose. To me, it seems a bit... stiff and awkward? For example, I'm not sure why the left arm is sticking out in front like that. In my opinion, it would look better if it was more behind the body, like this:

See what I mean? It also makes it a bit clearer that the person is running. Another little thing I noticed is that I think you may have drawn the left arm (on the forearm) a tad too short and the right arm (on the upper arm) a little long. I'm not entirely sure if you're using references or not, but if you aren't, use them! Using them isn't cheating, and can they can be extremely helpful. Also, perhaps trying doing some gesture drawings before starting a piece so you can nail down the gesture and pose correctly. These sites are great for gesture drawing: BODIES in MOTION by Scott Eaton, lovecastle and pixelovely.

Secondly, the hair seems sort of off. If she's running towards the right of our computer screens, then her hair would be pushed back and would be trailing behing her, for example:

I hope you can understand what I'm getting at here (holy crap I'm terribad at explaining things). Also, when her hair is like this, it makes it clearer that she's running.

The next thing is admittedly a little nitpick, but one I feel I should address anyways; take a look at the bag holding her arrows:



Assuming that her arrow bag is supposed to be a simple cylinder shape, this view isn't really possible. You'll either see the top circle or the bottom circle. I'm sure you already know this, but I quickly drew this up just in case for future reference:

Finally, just watch out on your facial anatomy, especially on the mouth in this painting. The bottom of her nose is a little bit squint too, so you might want to fix that.

Overall, there are a couple of little things you need to work on but I think you have quite a lot of potential, and it seems like you're quite dedicated to making art - with both these things in mind, I'm sure you can improve on the things I've mentioned easily. Keep it up, and just keep on practising!
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