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Originally Posted by RingoH View Post
OK... odd question time:

I have yet to start my copy of White 2. I want to RNG my TID (for purely vanity reasons, I'm not going for a shiny starter or anything). I have NOT yet found my parameters on White 2. I HAVE however, recived the wonder card for the event Genesect (I hoped to RNG that as well later -- Having not started the game I have also not collected this from the delivery man).

Here's the question:
If I start my White 2 and go far enough to be able to send a Pokemon to GTS check it on Pokecheck, then erase my save file... Will I lose the ability to later pick up my Genesect? Or will the Mystery Gift still be there as long as I don't acctually collect it? Or once I physically start the game is it a take it or lose it situation?

What is the best way to proceed in order to both not lose my Genesect and to be able to get a vanity TID? (My most proud moment in RNGing was getting my vanity TID in Black of 2112... my Trainer name was RUSH... )

I'm really itching to start White 2 mostly because I've gotten addicted to collecting Dream World Pokemon... and being able to get one more a day would be nice.

Once you erase the game, all mystery gift will be erased as well so I do not think you can collect it. On the bright side, if you successfully abuse your TID, you can still download the Genesect again to the new save game
My suggestion would be to find your DS parameters, RNG the genesect event in the save game you do not want, trade it to other game, then erase that save game, start to RNG the TID you want and download another Genesect event.