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Originally Posted by Bleacher View Post
Seems like I'm quite lucky. In GSC I caught some shiny mons. Here:

Gold- Shiny Mareep (my first shiny, yay), Shiny Rattata just before Goldenrod City.

Silver- Shiny Caterpie (the golden worm, the best looking shiny IMHO), Shiny Belsprout

Crystal- Shiny Goldeen, Shiny Iglibuff (Odd egg), Shiny Elekid (Second run, odd egg), Shiny Magby (duh).

Counting the evolved forms and the Shiny Gyrados I reared 21 shinies. Though I never managed to get a shiny starter and shiny legendary despite try after try!
Dang man you are lucky as hell. The only shiny I have EVER had is the shiny pichu that I hatched this past summer.
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