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Penance 'Defender' Malum

As the others gathered around Penance kept his body language close to himself, he was just letting enough out to let them know that 'yeah, he was still pissed'. The only, mark, only one who had redeemed himself was actually TrueStriker. Sure, he had lied in the beginning, but he was also the one to actually correct his mistake and tell Penance just what had happened. He could tell the Gallade was at least still feeling guilty, but that was his right! He knew he did something wrong and made up for it! The others had no right to feel guilty at all! They not only lied but also had pride in that they did lie! As Guardia asked for the others to talk Penance just snorted. It was like her to get others to tell the truth, but not tell the truth herself. Penance glanced over at TrueStriker and moved over to walk next to him.

"I appreciate your honesty brother. It's something that others lack apparently, but I did notice during the battle that you left the telepathic network open, and you seemed distressed about it. If you want, I can teach you how to make it more secure and give you a surefire way to also detect whether or not your mind is being intruded by another psychic." He said with a friendly smile. "It's not hard, but it does require performing the exercise every day to get better at it. You up for it?"

During the whole time he had been talking Penance simply acted like TrueStriker was the only one there, well, besides the newcomers, but other than that Penance didn't react when the liars said something or did something else. He was just good enough talking to TrueStriker.