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Oldale Town

Just as Martin was about to reply, something unexpected happened. A wild pokémon landed right next to them with a hard thud. Arla jumped, not because she was scared but because she was surprised. Just like when Corwas had been wild and scared her and Banko. She didn't get scared!

The wild pokémon didn't look like anything she had seen before. As it got up into a standing position, Arla could hear Oscar gasp for breath in shock. It looked a lot like a Mightyena with human features. Just as Arla's eyes had begin shining from the idea that she should try to capture it, it put its palms in front of its chest and muttered something. All of a sudden, the Mightyena-like features started fading away and what was left was just a young human man, holding some kind of gem between his hands.

"What is going on?" Martin asked. "Where did he come from?"

Arla looked up into the sky. That creature had been falling down from above, right? She spotted a very large bird hovering high above them. A very strange bird... did that look like a human face? Just as Arla tried to look closer, the bird creature seemed to notice her and suddenly took off into the distance. Yeah, something strange was definitely going on.

"Hey!" Oscar called happily out to the newcomer. "Are you one of those magic pokémon charlatans?"

"Oscar!" Martin hissed, suspecting that wasn't the case at all.

"You know, those who can actually do something and transform, instead of just cosplaying," Oscar explained to him and Arla. "I know that some people here can do that. I've heard so!"

"Not everything you hear is true," Martin sighed.

"Hey," Arla said with a stern look at the dark looking human with the gem, not really giving a damn about the two boys bickering. "Are you a pokémon? Or a human? And what was that bird thing just now?"

"Bird thing?" Martin and Oscar said in choir, not having spotted the flying creature.

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