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I see no point in using scizor as a sweeper when alot of the others are much better sweepers. And a scizor with agility, sword dance, metal claw, could potentially sweep any pokemon who doesn't resist it.
I feel like adding in a danphon (since excadrill is uber) by passing him a sword dance and an agilitu he will surprise anybody.
scizor needs to be my support cause he needs to pass the speef boost to plow through an unprepared team. With baton pass I can also, if needed pass the boosts to mienshao. So drain punch will ohko and restore life orb, stone edge for coverage, making him hard to counter... Actually this whole team will be hard to counter. Wich ever pokemon comes in play will be ripped to shreads by this wall breaking team.
Many people depend on setting up and wearing an appoment down. But toxic teams will useless. After 2 sword sance a gatvhomp can kill 6 pokemon with 6 earth quakes( if it resists earthquake I have dragon claw or fire fang) this sweep can be achieved by one pokemon. I have 6, thats six diffetent chances to sweep. Any team will be caught off gaurd by this set. But youre right a dual screener like latias will fill in the open spaces. So I'll most likey take out ch cauelure or mienshao