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From a storyline standpoint, yes. The happenings with the character N (full name Natural Harmonia Gropius) are continued in B2/W2 two years after the happenings of B/W in his coming on the legendary he obtained in the first same-colour game to stop Ghetsis from doing something evil; in B/W, he's Ghetsis' chosen King (until turned on in the final battle of the storyline), and in B2/W2, he becomes your greatest ally. Playing B/W first gives a better idea of the storyline and lets you see Central Unova as it looks before B2/W2.

I do suggest getting an opposite colour in the second game, however. I didn't get both Black and White, and instead have Black and White 2. I may look for a used copy of White for the older DS to help trade Pokémon around, but for now am activating a W2 game on the old DS so I can get a Genesect for that game and trade into Black.

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