Thread: [B2/W2] Do you think N is Zoroark?
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At first I didn't due to how Farfetch'd (see what i did there? ) it was, but the theory has grew on me and, after playing Pokemon White 2, I actually think he might be. :o For one, Ghetsis isn't his real father and his parents are unknown. He was found in a forest (Lostlorn perhaps?) with a Zorua (hmmm...) and a Darmanitan iirc. The Zorua is pretty interesting in my opinion.
Next you obviously follow the Zoroark into the ruins of the castle, to which it disappears and then N appears. I believe he could have just returned it, but there is no mention of it, which does lead me to believe N is the Zoroark. He is quite a strange child, and is very close to Pokemon, even being able to understand them. So yeah, I do think N is a Zoroark. c:
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