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Originally Posted by Lugia_Da_Boss View Post
This is the wild battle command, as if obvious from it's name(I ripped this from Moltres' code): setwildbattle 0x91 0x32 0x0. Anyway, I was wondering which of those values next to it decides what Pokemon you are battling, if any of them do. I need to know this stuff because I'm currently unsure of how to set up my own legendary battles.
Here's the answer for that:

Setwildbattle is just like the normal wildbattle command.

setwildbattle 0x(Pokemon no.) 0x(Level) 0x(Held item)
And you can use the dowildbattle command to trigger the command. You can still use the wildbattle command for Legendaries the only difference is in legendary wild pokemon battle there's this music that's going to be played.

Hope this helps.
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